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Q & A

What is process agent?

If you are a foreigner without a residential address in Hong Kong or you are a foreign company without a registered office in Hong Kong and you are you entering into a legal contract or document (such as loan, mortgage, guarantee and other banking or investment documents), you are required to appoint a process agent / service agent to receive service of process in legal proceedings in Hong Kong. With the support of a legal team, we can act as your Hong Kong process agent / service agent.

What is virtual office?

Virtual office is basically shared office services, which includes business address, mail and courier services, phone services, fax services, answering services, meeting and conference facilities. Virtual office is a feasible alternative to traditional bricks and mortars. Why?

Virtual office creates an opportunity for people especially working moms to work at home. With zero travelling time and flexible working hours, virtual office attracts quality staff.

For multinational corporations, home office users (SOHOs), freelancers and business executives travelling around to go about their business, you may not need a permanent physical office in Hong Kong. What you need is just a decent business address, professional receptionist / secretary to answer your calls and meeting facilities to boost your business image.